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Healing People with Positive Energy is a Gift. Master Your Emotions and Set Sensitive Boundaries to Empower Cognitive, Emotional, and Compassionate Empathy

Are you looking for new ways to bring more empathy into your life and your actions, whether it be cognitive, emotional, or compassionate?

Maybe you have recently discovered the idea of healing others through positive energy, and you have been inspired to do some research on the subject so that you can bring the concept into your daily life?

You could even have never heard of the idea of using positive energy to heal others and yourself, but you have been looking into ways to be more positive and the topic of empathy has grabbed your interest!

The good news is, it doesn’t matter which of these statements resonates with you, my first book “Empath” has everything you need and so much more, all packed into one well written and clearly explained book.

Back To Self-Care

Focus on Healing Your Body and Spirit to Reach Happiness. Practice Mindfulness Meditation to Relax, Overcome Anxiety and Stress 

Are you interested in triggering your body’s self-recovery and healing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being?

Back to Self-Care covers many relevant topics you are eager to know more of,  from discussing why we need self-care in our lives to going into greater detail about the types of self-care. Back to Self-Care also teaches you how to meditate, and using your abilities to heal yourself effectively!


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How a Powerful Vagus Nerve Can Improve Your Health

Your Body Has a Self-Healing Ability. Prevent Inflammation and Stimulate Vagal Tone to Relieve Anxiety, Depression and Healing from Trauma

Are you interested in managing stress, freeing yourself from worries and overcoming your anxiety through your vagus nerve?

This book covers everything you could possibly want to know about the vagus nerve, from discussing the role of the vagus nerve in our nervous system to then going into greater detail about the concept of polyvagal theory.


Sharon Copeland

Sharon Copeland is a thriving Self-Help and Relationship counselor from San Diego, California. She immersed herself in studying self-development and improvement since the early days. Throughout her career, she managed to help people become the best versions of themselves through healing, accepting, and understanding their own emotions as well as their partners. Interacting with those struggling with themselves helped fuel her drive and passion for pushing people to improve further and deal with their emotional baggage.

What Can You Find In My Books?

My approach to writing, to life and to myself.

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Let’s face it. Everybody have couple’s issues. With the positive attitude, both parts can overcome them and create a solid long-term relationship.


Self-Development and Self-Care are two important elements of a happy life. Feel good with your “self” for a solid relationship, with your partner or at work. 


My counseling experience in Self-Development and Relationship is the foundation of all my books.


I develop my areas of expertise with in-depth topic research, so that I can bring you the latest updates on the topics.

My Books

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Back to Self-Care


Powerful Vagus Nerve



Self-Development & Relationship Counselor

Happy Readers

" Among many books I've read on Relationship and Self-Development, Sharon got to my heart with her simple and to-the-point book." – Jade Brights


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