Empaths and energy

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The awakened Empath out there is very conscious of the word energy.

Initially, let me talk a little about the word energy!

It is not a crazy or bad word. In most circles, energy is a phrase that tells folks how energized they feel as well as just how emotionally excited they feel at any given time and point. We consume food, regular exercise, and even relax to help us regulate our energy.

Generally, folks think of energy as a thing to be preserved, gained, or perhaps restored. In general terms, we lack the energy to complain when we’ve no extra to give to others. We then talk of high spirits when we go to a fun event or even socialize with wonderful folks. You’ll also see us talk about feeling down when we’re at an unfortunate event or perhaps around folks that aren’t as fantastic.

To many, the word power is one thing we should have, get, or perhaps maintain. Why is this? Because we feel tired when we have insufficient energy – meaning, we have nothing left to function. In summary:

We give and get energy; we are energy.

Wow – there’s the great idea the metaphysical world has been attempting to tell us about. The idea has been hard to prove logically since most of us have to see something to think it – and we see ourselves as just physical bodies. But – that physical body runs on nutrition, exercise, and rest. That physical body must have a kind of fuel that enables it to function – an “electricity” type, you can say. Power is the unseen that allows us to perform regularly.

As you can see, the word power is much more loaded for empaths!

The Empath thinks the metaphysical world that says everything is energy! The Empath knows we’re energetic beings. Most Empaths feel the energetic body while others can see it. The Empath understands that there’s an energy exchange beyond shaking hands or even saying hello in every interaction with another.

The bottom line here’s that the Empath is affected by energy seen and unseen. The Empath is intuitive with higher sense perception. This gift lets Empaths to feel and know things about folks on an intimate level. The gift of understanding and feeling goes hand-in-hand with an Empath’s ability to help others heal.

What do I mean by heal? I’m talking about emotional healing – helping that person understand, release, or perhaps see their life situation from a greater perspective. The individual being helped does not truly understand what’s going on besides they like talking to Susie the Empath. They love the relationship since they often walk away with a smile or, at best, feeling better.

What happens in this interaction with an Empath?

There is a clearing or perhaps transmutation from a merging of energy.

Empath also uses the term power to explain just how a person feels to them. The Empath can find out via intuitive vibe (feeling or perhaps knowing) many things about another individual. Most notably, we hook up with the psychological layer – although we can link to physical ailments and thought patterns.

The interesting observation is that mostly, folks are completely uninterested and not aware of knowing, feeling, or perhaps acknowledging something that’s inside of them. They usually fear negative emotions as well as refuse to visit any uncomfortable situation in their lifetime. As a result, negative emotions remain buried and take up permanent residence within them!

Energetic blocks are a result of emotions that remain buried in the body. These blocks, as they accumulate – lead to physical, emotional, or mental problems.

I am hoping this article helped you gain a new understanding.

Sharon Copeland

Sharon Copeland is a thriving Self-Help and Relationship counselor from San Diego, California. She immersed herself in studying self-development and improvement since the early days. Throughout her career, she managed to help people become the best versions of themselves through healing, accepting, and understanding their own emotions as well as their partners. Interacting with those struggling with themselves helped fuel her drive and passion for pushing people to improve further and deal with their emotional baggage.

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