Empaths And Mental Health

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Who are Empaths?

Empaths are individuals who could take on the feelings of others as their own. They come into the place with heightened senses, which are increased further by challenges that are different or perhaps traumas they have experienced in their lives.

Empaths inhabit the complete opposite side of the spectrum from narcissistic, sociopathic, or perhaps psychopathic individuals. Empaths have developed survival mechanisms when facing challenging environments in their childhood that carry out into adulthood. They extend themselves outwardly, empathizing, and taking on with others’ emotions, even their abusers. This capacity to undertake the emotions of others, although, is not limited to abusers. It happens with everyone and anyone and is particularly prevalent in crowds or perhaps groups.

In every situation, Empaths are likely to identify and take on the basic feelings of another person. This mechanism is created for the Empath to see themselves as not separate from others.

Being an Empath isn’t a mental illness, merely one other way of the universe expressing itself and experiencing itself in physical form from oneness’s perspective.

Nevertheless, the pressures of dealing with taking on feelings that are not necessarily theirs can be burdensome and isolating for Empaths, leading to anxiety, depression, and general confusion about what’s going on and why.

The Spiritual Source of Empathy

Empaths may also take on others’ trauma. The reason behind this’s very spiritual. From the perspective of Source (God or perhaps the Universe), there’s simply no such thing as separation. As we move down in dimensions or densities from Source energy, we begin to see various perspectives and archetypes until we get right down to probably the densest form; our physical reality.

In this density, we have males and females, human and love, animal and fear, evil and good, recovered, and unhealed. The viewpoints once we enter physical types are unlimited. And our journey is everything about utilizing our heart area – utilizing love – to return to a state of oneness. This oneness is exactly how we can experience the source and how it can go through us experiencing the source.

When an Empath is born, they’re incarnating more ready to accept this particular perspective oneness than others. They come already ready to accept the primary meaning of love – taking another as yourself.

But what goes on when the other does not value you? What happens once the other person is not open to love and does not see the importance of what you’re doing? This allows for unconscious energy to take life force from the Empath. This can make it more difficult for the Empath to operate in a world where we’re trained to not express our authentic truth, feel even our darkest feelings, and think our darkest thoughts.

Sharon Copeland

Sharon Copeland is a thriving Self-Help and Relationship counselor from San Diego, California. She immersed herself in studying self-development and improvement since the early days. Throughout her career, she managed to help people become the best versions of themselves through healing, accepting, and understanding their own emotions as well as their partners. Interacting with those struggling with themselves helped fuel her drive and passion for pushing people to improve further and deal with their emotional baggage.

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