Empaths in Relationships - Article - Sharon Copeland

It’s generally difficult for Empaths who haven’t managed their abilities to have relationships. Whether or perhaps not, their wounds are mirroring the wounds of their partner. Empaths are utterly and completely in tune with their partners to such an intense degree, and it’s like they move as one.

Today, because this has not been managed, the relationship’s impact can turn toxic.

The reason being, the Empath hasn’t learned to establish clear boundaries within themselves; therefore, can’t do that with others–yet. They also develop anxiety from mind-reading their partner; Empaths hear and feel what’s said with a sixth sense and feel and hear what is not said. That that comes with a partner who’s unresolved trauma or is emotionally unavailable in a way where Empath’s needs are not being met can result in co-dependency and a feeling of a loss of self for both parties.

The relationship becomes way too intense for the Non-Empath who’s unresolved issues within themselves to take care of, in addition to dealing with the intensity of the connection. The Empath suffers from being pushed out by their partner, the concern of “just wanting to help, and the overwhelm of taking on the trauma of their partner.

When the couple inevitably splits, the pain the Empath feels is impossible to that of a Non-Empath. They now have to forget about the trauma of their ex-partner while still identifying what within them attracted this partner and the unhealed aspects of themselves that mirrored their partner and heal from all of that in addition to healing from the breakup.

There’s a way for Empaths to have and maintain healthy relationships. Once Empaths comes into balance with themselves, relationships with them continue to be intense but resemble Heaven. Empaths are caring, thoughtful, warm, attuned to things beyond the physical, completely loving and accepting, and non-judgmental. They’re beyond supportive, sexy, and of course, can empathize with their partner like no other person.

It is going to feel like the Empath was tailor-made entirely for you – a gift. Because that is what they are – gifted individuals.