Why Do Empaths Exist?

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To put it briefly, the reason behind Empaths being here’s for them to learn to protect their very own power and embody both their shadow and light aspects while maintaining the ability to tap into, love, care for, and identify with the person they encounter. This makes Empaths healers to themselves and the world around them. They’re here to set clear boundaries for themselves, regardless of whether they can take on others’ emotions. This mastery of self and the outside world will be the Empath acknowledging oneness with all the people and things. Likewise, the Empath acknowledges where they start and end and where another begins and ends, so they do not get overloaded by energy. After they can do this for themselves, they teach others to do the same and heal by setting clear boundaries and dealing with their TRAUMA first, instead of zeroing in on another person’s traumas and taking it on completely putting themselves on the back burner.

The Empath has a really particular and extremely heightened journey. It’s the integration process, a journey we’re all also on, but a journey and process that Empaths are a lot more vulnerable. They do not merely have their trauma to deal with, but they carry the torch for the collective trauma.

This procedure is tough, but the greater that others’ traumas piles onto the Empath, the greater the Empaths’ traumas bubble approximately the exterior – becoming impossible to ignore – which in turn results in an extensive purge so that the Empath can finally HEAL the original wound.

The traumas that Empaths take on usually mirror their personal to the same capacity or intensity. This match is what allows the Empath to identify with other people and to also identify their wounding. Nevertheless, this mirroring can attract a lot of trauma if the one they empathize with is an abuser. But even then, the Empath learns to push back again as well as set themselves free.

This pushing back against the abuser or perhaps constant oppression births what’s known as the Empath Supernova.

The Empath Supernova is exactly what the Empath becomes when they’re caused by a lot of pressure on the soul, the psyche, and the senses, to the amount of which the Empath will instinctively protect itself by taking on their far more Narcissistic traits. They now do not merely have their Empathic traits out there to them. However, they also can embody all of their suppressed and learned Narcissistic traits and use these traits against the abuser or perhaps cause of their oppression, pushing them far enough away, often scaring another, for the Empath’s escape and survival.

After the Empath is safe, the Empath Supernova retreats into its state of being Empathic, and the Narcissistic traits start to be somewhat dormant again. An Empath cannot turn into a Narcissist, but Empaths must learn to integrate their darker aspects with their lighter ones for survival and energy protection.

Pushing back against oppression and abuse must become continuous so that, ultimately, abuse and oppression aren’t actually on a similar frequency as the Empath.

Sharon Copeland

Sharon Copeland is a thriving Self-Help and Relationship counselor from San Diego, California. She immersed herself in studying self-development and improvement since the early days. Throughout her career, she managed to help people become the best versions of themselves through healing, accepting, and understanding their own emotions as well as their partners. Interacting with those struggling with themselves helped fuel her drive and passion for pushing people to improve further and deal with their emotional baggage.

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